Fight for Your Write to Create

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Fight for Your Write to Create

Completed creative writing and looking for work?

Some assume that creative writing only leads to a career in journalism and publishing. It is not true! There are many ways to put your skills to good use.

There is much more you can do as a journalist for a newspaper or website.To help you figure out your next career move, check out our list of the best creative writing jobs below.

Writing Fiction
Being a novelist is probably the ideal creative career. Who doesn’t want to be the next big sensation? Who wouldn’t want their works to become as popular as Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire or The Hunger Games?

The traditional method is to write a manuscript and then send it to various publishers or to the publisher directly.It may be necessary to distribute your manuscript before anyone will agree to your work being published.

However, with today’s digital marketplace, you can self-publish on sites like or the Amazon Kindle bookstore. Titles like 50 Shades of Gray have found success despite their debut as independent fan fiction projects.

Don’t limit yourself to novels.You can write for online magazines or publish a collection of stories. You can focus on novels or write exclusively on fiction sites.

Yes, working as a professional podcaster is one of the best career options for a creative writing major. There are at least 62 million podcast listeners in the United States alone. If you want to develop your writing skills and work on programs that people care about, this could be the platform you need.

Podcasting also includes a wide range of options. You can create segments for educational, political, or entertainment podcasts like Dungeons & kite sessions. If you want, you can place multiple cameras to also publish a video version of the podcast on platforms like YouTube or Facebook.