5 things to keep in mind when it comes to social media

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5 things to keep in mind when it comes to social media
1) People post vacation photos mostly for fun, but that doesn’t mean they’re like that every day of their lives. Don’t compare and don’t think it has to be fun. Try to tell yourself that one day I’ll go there when it feels just as weird as it did when I was there…

2) People lie to make themselves feel better. Believe very little. Entertainment, yes, never count on it.

3) Likes do not mean your posts are popular. So if you don’t get them, don’t be discouraged. You can laugh, but a lot of people do.

4) Fake people abound these days, pictures of rental properties, photos of damn vehicles you don’t even know who they are, filters that put all sorts of fake things on selfies, and we’re not even talking about the relationship status.

5) Instead of whining, complaining and slandering, know that there is a block button on most platforms. I say it like this…

Fear of Social Media
Social Media Behaviour of Adults
Let’s get him out of the way. Stop comparing yourself and your life to others. Don’t build the life you want, period. There’s no point in getting upset, depressed, or even anxious about things that have a 90% chance of being wrong or just seem like something they aren’t. Surround yourself with like-minded people. People who are where you want to be or who can help you get there.

For example: platforms have so many photo filters that it is difficult to recognize people in real life. It’s not uncommon for people who use these filters to withdraw from public life, find excuses for not being able to hang out with friends, and generally have self-esteem issues and anxiety. Not all of course, but many. Others do it just to pretend to look good and feel better. life secrets.

Next I want to address this message b.s. that pervaded our youth. No answer is an answer, but not in the way people think. Not replying to someone who has taken the time to message is disrespectful and childish. Usually, people who don’t respond are selfish, insecure, and uneducated in communication, or they lack the creativity or thought process to respond to something you asked or said. Also, it’s a mind game. Many do this as a means of control. If you don’t answer, you feel wanted, you’re controlling the conversation, and you’re deliberately confusing. For example, say something was taken out of context, e.g. B. Flirting when the person wasn’t playing games, was safe and confident and didn’t want the attention they simply replied with “Hold on tight or not.” You talk to me like that and well, I have limits, you have to control you You have an idea. Each to their own, but I think that’s bullshit. Personal: Don’t ever give these people time again. Sure, it’s very cumbersome.

Assuming you know from the profile. Oh, adults are terrible. It’s not because you’ve seen a post, read a comment, or even heard from someone else. One wonders how the rumours start. Social media has increased the speed at which b.S. gets about 10 times. Within seconds, someone texts another person saying, “Did you hear?” So you’re wondering why our kids are struggling.

Remember that people on social media tend to post some positive things that are happening in their lives throughout the year. Stop comparing. Use any platform for entertainment, fun, positive thinking, and playful sarcasm and block everything else.