6 Excel tricks to be more productive
Did you know that there are over 1.2 billion Microsoft Office users worldwide? MS Word, Powerpoint and especially Excel are available in almost every office in the world. If you use MS Office regularly, you probably know that these are powerful tools that can be used in a dizzying variety of projects.

How can you improve your skills? Check out our list of simple Excel tricks you can use right away. They may turn out to save you a lot of time and therefore money. Use multiple windows

When you work with multiple worksheets on one screen, it can be difficult to switch between them. However, a simple one can help. You can easily display the two worksheets side by side. On the ribbon, go to the View menu. Click on “New window”.

You will then get a separate Excel window for the two worksheets. Scrolling without scrolling If you have many columns and rows, it can be difficult to navigate from the beginning to the end of your data set. Why not jump from start to finish with a single click.

Press the “Control” key and the up arrow (“↑”) once to navigate to the top row of the current record. It’s the last line before the blank line. Pressing Ctrl + Up twice takes you to the top of the worksheet. Edit Values

Search and Replace is a powerful tool that you can use to keep information up to date and even troubleshoot. Highlight the section of information you want to find and press Ctrl + F. A menu will appear where you can choose Find or Replace. In the Replace section, you can easily type the text and placeholder text you want to insert.