7 Brilliant Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas

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7 Brilliant Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas

Nothing ignites competition quite like the holidays. Do you remember when you were a kid and your family was always trying to repeat what they did the year before?

It’s contagious, isn’t it?

Now you’re an adult and you’re looking for the best Christmas lighting ideas for your home.

Look no further, we have 7 great ideas to get you started.

1. Summarize
Think of candy canes and how they spin. A similar effect can be achieved with outdoor Christmas lighting.

Wrap your lights on fences, house pillars, whatever you have handy.

Too much DIY at home?

There are professional services such as Texas Firman Christmas Lighting that can help.

2. Plants
Using a base of plants on the porch or trees in the yard is a great way to spice up the holidays.

There’s nothing quite like sitting on a swing in the middle of winter, sipping hot cider and enjoying the outdoor Christmas lights.

This is a timeless classic. You can buy them at any holiday shop and use them to line your driveway or pathway.

If you want to enhance your lighting during your outdoor vacation, opt for a bright color like blue or purple.

If you don’t want to spend money, you can use snow globes as the base for your own temporary homemade lanterns.

4Garden furniture
Your garden furniture is probably not used much during the winter months. Give yourself a reason to change it.

Do you have extra styrofoam somewhere? You can make your own particle lights!

You can hang garlands and lights from porch swings or pool furniture to create an inviting atmosphere.Ensures great Christmas parties.

5. Decorate Your Snowman
If your kids (or you) spent half the day building a snowman, show it to the whole neighborhood at night.

Nothing will light up the faces of the neighborhood kids like a bright, shiny Frosty in your backyard.