8 “must” questions to ask in every sales situation

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8 “must” questions to ask in every sales situation

Solving the problems of people and families is ultimately the business of every company. Effective selling involves explaining existing or potential customer problems. If “sold” well, the sales proposal will solve your company’s problems with its product or service. To be successful in sales, you must approach customers with a qualified repertoire of questions that will help you better understand your customer’s current needs.

To effectively solve your customer’s problems, you need to ask questions, ask “good” questions, and most importantly, listen to the answers you get. The best source of information about selling a business is the trust itself. But an experienced salesperson will tell you that the customer does not always know what his problem is, what it is, or how to solve it. Without a clear list of what defines the business, the seller has little chance of success.

In every selling situation, there are eight important questions that must be answered to ultimately make a purchasing decision; This question is the answer to your customer’s questions:

1) Does the customer know exactly what the business problem is? Do they give you clues to the problem or the problem itself?
2) How long has the problem been going on? Is this temporary or an ongoing problem?
3) What happens if I continue? Research is needed in the short and long term
4) What has been done so far to solve the problem? This answer could be a “door opener” later!

5) What is the impact of these attempts to ‘solve’ the problem? Activities undertaken and expenses incurred must be justified
6) What is the price of this question so far? Here you can find out what they want without your company’s products.
7) Are funds expected to be available to “solve” this problem? If not, why can’t this happen? If not, good luck!
8) Who is participating and how should the purchase agreement be made?