a great idea to include links to your site within the ebook

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Therefore, it’s a good idea to include links to your website in your ebook if you wrote it yourself. The buyer reads the book and hopefully clicks on the link to the website you chose. You can even ask them to subscribe to your newsletter before purchasing the book.

But on eBay you will find many visitors who read your auction and decide not to buy for some reason. You are only allowed to sell 4 or 5 books per hundred visitors.

This is where “my” page comes into play. Make the most of this unused tool!

Ebay gives you the opportunity to write a brief description about yourself, your interests, and a list of ideas. Use this space to post a short bio and link to your latest website. But be careful: eBay does not allow linking to sales pages. Instead, stick to your newsletter, a page on the same content site, or anywhere on eBay that appears to be selling items.
Adding a link to my auction listing on my
Page is a great tip. I usually add a short paragraph at the top and bottom of my list showing the benefits of free information.

It also helps ensure that the items you sell match the items you offer through the “backend” of eBay. For example, don’t sell a mint-condition Barbie or advertise your bonsai garden autoresponder.

I’m happy to offer a short guide I’ve written on a topic related to ebooks for sale or (preferably) internet marketing.

This way you will not only generate sales for your listed products (if you get your listing right, that’s another topic entirely), but you will also increase subscribers or visitors and therefore future sales for your unofficial business.

Try to use eBay’s billion-dollar power for yourself!