A guide to the different types of data entry for devices and accessories

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A guide to the different types of data entry for devices and accessories

touch pens for precise interaction
Many of us use tablets and mobile phones on a daily basis and often use our fingers to manipulate and select items displayed on the screen.

Other input methods are available, e.g. B. Touch pens.

They are also known as touch screen stylus or capacitive stylus. These pens allow users to interact with the user interface of these devices without physically touching the screen with their hands.
touch pens are particularly suitable for tasks such as making handwritten notes or signing documents on the screen.

touch pens mimic the familiar action of using a pen or pencil, providing a more natural feel and making it easier to view the screen when your hand is off.

When you need to perform certain functions or certain tasks on the screen, using the touch pen can be very helpful.

Active stylus for artists and fine arts
An active pen is recommended for those who are artistic or want greater precision when working on a tablet.
Often referred to as a digital pen, the
active pen offers more functionality and more precise use than a capacitive touch pen.

What is special about the Active Pen is its ability to independently communicate with the device on which it is used, even without direct contact.

When the pen touches the screen, it can accurately detect the pressure you apply and adjust the displayed content accordingly, allowing you to write or draw faster.

active pens often have buttons that allow users to perform various functions, such as tapping, double-tapping, or executing certain commands, without touching the screen directly.

It should be noted that active styluses are usually associated with specific brands and devices, in contrast to capacitive styluses, which can be used on different touchscreen devices from different manufacturers.

For example, if you have an Apple iPad, you must use Apple’s Apple Pencil to interact with the device via an active pen.
Active Pen offers a more natural and familiar way to interact with your devices, replicating the experience of using pen and paper in the physical world.

External graphics tablet for non-touchscreen computers
If you’re using a computer that doesn’t have a capacitive or active touchscreen for input, there’s a solution that can add touchscreen support: an external character pad.

This innovative accessory combines an active pen, similar to the one described above, with an external digitizer that can be connected to a computer.

With this configuration, you can enjoy the same input precision as with an active pen, regardless of the operating system or device used.

This external notebook is particularly useful when you frequently switch between systems or need to enter consistent and accurate data across multiple devices.

Whether you’re using a different operating system or want to emulate the precise input capabilities of your phone or tablet on your PC, activating an external sketchpad with an active pen can be useful.