A Referral Strategy in Practice

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Implementation strategy
Let me share with you a simple strategy created by a service garage. You need to think carefully about different aspects of your personal affairs. The garage owner has created a simple map that shows in 5 quick shots why this is a good place to get your car serviced.
They gave this form to everyone who had their
Vehicle maintained. There are two spaces in the form. The first person to refer the person whose name is entered will receive a 10% discount on the next service. The person in charge took second place.
If the
Card was used, the person instantly received a 10% discount. So there was an emphasis on passing. Additionally, a strong subliminal message is given to the sender. They were told not only that their car had been shipped to them and that they were happy with it, but that they were willing to return it with a 10% discount.

Create a shipping strategy today:
1. List all your existing customers and divide them into niche categories.
2. Ask yourself what power you can give them to take responsibility.
3. Set a referral goal for each customer.
4. Build and measure.
5. Once you know what works and what doesn’t, you can adjust the system accordingly.

An opportunity missed can be an opportunity gained.
There are other good places to find references. And this is coming from non-customers. Let’s say you missed the sale for some reason. You must remember that there really is some goodness in everyone! If they tell you you’re lost, be polite and clear so you can get back to work at the last minute. Most importantly, ask them to submit. It is human nature that they will likely lash out and clear their conscience by turning to you.