An Introduction to Ethermore

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An Introduction to Ethermore

Ethermore is a blockchain RPG and emerging fantasy world built on the Ethereum blockchain. In this guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the game, how to start playing, and how to join the community.

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What is Ethermore?



Meet the Team

How to Get Started Playing Ethermore

How to Join the Community and Write for Ethermore

Where to Follow Us

What is Ethermore?

In short, Ethermore is a Web3 blockchain game built on the Ethereum blockchain, powered by the community. In addition to Ether, players use NFT tokens to complete missions. The same NFTs are your ticket to the community and give you the right to vote and create your own projects.


The project, which started development in October 2020, will release 15,000 NFTs for the first time in April 2021. The launch was very successful and all 15,000 NFTs were sold.

Ethermore NFT is more than a digital image and something stored in your wallet. The value of Ethermore NFT lies in its components.

Ethermore NFT is a fantasy character/avatar that players can use in-game. Each NFT is created by the process and contains a combination of 6 elements that define your character Ethermore:




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Ether more It is an adventure/text adventure game of your choice, inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and narrative show RPGs.

After connecting your metamask wallet to enter the platform, you can view your character (Ethermore token NFT in the wallet) and choose one according to your character.

Next, you go to the messenger list to see the available messengers you can play.

By clicking “Select” you can start the search using the currently selected character as the main character.

Ethermore Quest List

Initially, you will see the quest name in the left corner of the screen and the picture of the character you selected in the upper right corner.