Android Tablet ever catch up to the iPads?

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Android Tablet ever catch up to the iPads?

For a long time, iPads have dominated the tablet world thanks to their excellent performance, the combination of their stable, simpler interface, and their near-perfect optimization. However, with the addition of some notable models from well-known brands and due to the emergence of new players in the market, this trend is likely to take a big turn in the coming days.

The tablet is a mid-range device that is slightly less powerful than a computer and typically has a larger screen than a smartphone. With their importance gradually increasing, the market for tablets is skyrocketing in terms of sales. However, the tablet market is already oversaturated. Suppose a tablet user is randomly selected on the street and asked what kind of tablet he is using, his answer is likely to be iPad. But if we do a comparative analysis of the
tablet market, we will see that Android tablets come in different colors and sizes, in addition to many different manufacturers and prices. However, the iPad market, which tends to be limited in number, attracts more customers than its Android rivals.

If we take a closer look at the Android tablet market, Samsung seems to be the best fit today. In 2022, Samsung launched the powerful S8 tablet family alongside the S8, S8+, and S8 ultra to potentially challenge the iPad’s continued dominance in the market, and it looks like it’s working for them. .The S8 ultra definitely beats the iPad Pro in terms of display quality thanks to its OLED screen and incredible contrast ratio, the notch above the screen is quite small compared to the iPad and much thinner than the iPad
Pro. For watching videos on YouTube or movies on Netflix, any of them is sure to outperform peer iPad devices.

Although relatively new to the tablet market, Xiaomi has made amazing strides in the tablet market, just as it has done with the smartphone market.