Announcement writing and distribution

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Announcement writing and distribution

I can almost hear a few people eating and was thinking of checking out the next blog…it’s not that good and it’s not expensive either. FREE! Do not you believe me? Consider signing up for PR Leap

( Not only do you have great articles that teach dummies (like me!) how to write ads, but also Google News, Google Search, Yahoo! They also offer free shipping services through multiple channels. Search,, Technorati,

MSN, Ask News, Plus, NewsNow and others. According to their website, PR Leap is the best way to submit your information to all search engines, news channels and websites. And the basic account is free!

So what happened to us? We signed up, prepared the newsletter (it took 30 minutes), delivered it, and approved it early today. It will be announced tomorrow. If you’re interested, here’s the link to the press release:

Basic programs (read… Free) with statistics so that within a few days you can see whether the press release has been read by anyone and whether websites, bloggers, journalists, etc. I will let you know if it has been received by. Let’s see how good the PR Breakthrough is in the news. They have writing skills!

Special equipment: A great startup called
Conduit ( allows people to build their own devices for free. The expert guide on their website will walk you through the installation process step by step. It takes about twenty minutes, and when you’re done, they create a link for your download site that you can share via an email signature or click to download from your new site.

There are
wrong ways to sew a placemat… Add links to your search engine, create custom pages on your website, add airtime, radio and more to add value to your customers.

Design your website with customers in mind and easily invite others
If, like us, your marketing budget is measured by the quarter in your pocket, set up and design your website so that the “Invite Others” button is always with you. It doesn’t matter which page the user is on. Be bold, be big, and be specific if you need to, but it’s always easier to ship a satisfied customer than to attract a new one.