Anti Design Concept

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Anti Design Concept

When you think about the right layout, chances are that terms like “unsightly”, “unslick” or “experimental” aren’t the first words that come to mind, however, wanting Many growing virtual designers have become classics. Called anti-composition, this mode strips away the visual grid-like elements of a regular layout in search of a hard, modern layout.

“The anti-layout looks like a riot,” Sanjib das, senior managing director of Bhavitra Technologies, told The Statesman. It goes beyond bending instructions, he added, “burning them up is a lot of work.In practice, it looks like typography doesn’t align or span more than one root, overlapping images, flashy colors, asymmetry, intentionally cluttered spaces – all the rules of composition normally tells you nothing more needs to be done. Despite the cluttered appearance, Sanjib das, creative director at web consulting firm Bhavitra, says using anti-layout is still very methodical.


Anti-composition is a method of breaking away from traditional layout principles in search of harsh experimental layouts. In website layout, this means getting rid of the completely simple, symmetrical, grid-based layouts commonly found on websites today, in search of bright colors, a cluttered and asymmetrical page. worthy.Anti-layout encourages exploration and experimentation, and aims to push the boundaries of what is needed to be a useful and engaging website.

“It’s not just about being ugly anymore. It always has to be beautiful and attractive,” he told The Statesman. “It’s about taking these ideas of exciting artwork and cross-border innovation and using them in a structured international.”

Having said that, the nature of the counter placement makes it difficult to put it in the box.It’s more of a way of questioning than an aesthetic of choice. That’s one answer – a glimpse of what miles are like now. It rejects conventional lectures and aesthetics, however, the traditional route layout is ever-changing.

So to understand the anti-layout, one must first understand the specific “layout” being rejected.