Article marketing and backlinks

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Article marketing and backlinks
Article marketing is probably the most effective link building strategy on the World Wide Web, but it is also the most widely used. Most marketers simply won’t do it. They say that I’m not a writer, that I have nothing to say, that I’m new and that I don’t know anything!

Let’s assume that the above reasons are true. They ignore the obvious alternatives.

Considering that everyone, including their brethren, sells private label items on the internet for as little as $29.95 for a hundred or more pre-made items, there’s no reason you can’t salvage some of these packages, rewrite them, and credit them to yours own. You can also find packages at a much cheaper price. It’s simply about eliminating waste to get better products. Search engine spies feed on this. This is where your backlinks come from.

Many marketers, including myself, do not take full advantage of this resource. Previously, I was told that in order to make money writing articles, all I had to do was write an article and link to the affiliate program I promoted in my resource box and watch my sales increase. It wasn’t true. don’t arrive. I wasn’t generating any traffic to my main website. All traffic was directed to the general affiliate website. It increases their ranking and makes my website practically unknown.

The purpose of the article resource box is to create backlinks to my main page using the anchor text I use to point to that page. This is what search engine spies use to evaluate, rate and identify your website. Let me explain this to you.