Awesome Sponsors for Your Travel Blog

Have you always dreamed of becoming a successful travel writer? Love to surf Instagram and discover the most luxurious hotels, the most beautiful places, breathtaking landscapes and monuments.

The only thing standing in your way? Your lack of knowledge on how to find a travel sponsor like bloggers and influencers. Don’t worry: this message is designed to help you figure out how to get there. Read on to live the life of your dreams.

Start with Brands You Know If you want to know how to get brands to sponsor your Instagram or blog, the best place to start is with brands you know.

Finally, a cold email to a company whose products or services you use as part of your routine will seem a lot more genuine than reaching out to a company you know nothing about.

Maybe you’ve traveled the world with really durable luggage and want to show off your favorite suitcase and its weatherproofing at the post office. Contact the marketing office, especially the PR manager, to know how to proceed.

Social Media Network In your quest to become an influencer or travel photographer like David Highbloom, you will be spending a lot of time on social media.

Face-to-face contact is always important, but the truth is that most contacts will take place on social networks.

Of course, follow other travel bloggers, favorite brands, and popular hotels/resorts (and even airlines!). But also be active on popular travel-related hashtags. Include companies you wear or are proud of when uploading your photo.

You’d be surprised how many free travel opportunities will open up in your niche once you log into social media. When applying for travel sponsorship, you need to make sure the biggest players and companies in the game know who you are.

Yes, providing content for your blog and social media platforms is extremely important.

However, you should also do your best to get featured on well-read travel blogs and sites. Become a contributor and include links to your blog and social media handles in your content.