Be sure you meet your customers’ expectations

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Ask for permission before blocking someone. More than one line may be ringing and there may be a line of people at the table waiting for the caller to answer. It is one’s choice whether to buy or not. Don’t try to change this move to play strong. When you come back online, thank someone for picking you up. If you must ask the caller to stay on hold, offer to put the number on hold and answer the call.

Call forwarding should be done carefully. Before transferring a caller to someone else’s extension, make sure the person is available and able to help. There is nothing more frustrating than moving again and again and having to tell the same story to many different people before you learn the real story.

Before transferring the call to your partner, tell the caller the name and number of the person in case the call is lost. Better yet, tell the caller who you are and how to reach you if there is a problem. You will have a very satisfied customer.

Always offer help. This may not be your department, your issue, or your job, but if it’s a customer issue, you should be concerned. Never tell the caller, “I don’t know” or “I can’t help you.” “The best answer to the question is the truth.” Let’s see what I can do or who I can help. ”

Good phone skills will always win customers and convert people.