Best Email Marketing Tips for Instagram Advertising

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Best Email Marketing Tips for Instagram Advertising

1. Identify the drive magnets:

Hold a meeting with all your team members and conduct a brainstorming session to find out what is most important to your customers and what problems they have most often.

Even if you don’t solve all the problems, you’ll get plenty of points to work on. Try to find solutions so that you can generate as many leads as possible.

Start with simple coupons and move on to informative e-books. The perfect prospect provides you with the personal information you need in a split second. Whether you think of it as a lead magnet or an opt-in option, the main goal is to reach an audience.

If they find a good deal, the names and email ids will be received. So how will Instagram help you with this particular digital marketing strategy? It’s easy. People see promotional offers on Instagram with attractive images that increase your Instagram followers. You go to your bio and then click the link to go to your website.

2. Creating a dedicated landing page for Instagram:

It’s important to think about where you direct your followers on Instagram. Everyone would think of a company’s website, which is a common practice. Ideally, however, you can direct your Instagram fans to a customized landing page where they can easily access all of your offers. This prevents potential confusion for customers who would otherwise have to navigate through different web pages on your website to find what they are actually looking for.

An Instagram-specific landing page has been found to generate 40% more leads. Once you have your users’ name and email address, you can immediately provide them with what they’re looking for in the form of free, valuable content or promotional vouchers via email. Then they will begin to reap the benefits of their participation. You can also use these same users to expand your customer base by adding more subscribers to your account through user recommendations and other offers.

3.Instagram bio:

Instagram doesn’t allow you to add a link or call-to-action in posts. The only place you can add a link is in your website bio. To do it right, think of a short but compelling description of your business or special offers and add a catchy call to action. The bio needs to be engaging and inspiring to create an emotional connection with your customers. They should get a feel for your unique brand, then click through to your landing page and provide us with their contact information so we can send you a message or email.

4. Instagram Contest:

The competitions on Instagram, which are very popular with users, are also worth mentioning. Create engaging content that attracts more traffic by leveraging existing subscribers.

With the above strategies we can get the necessary information to send emails and messages to the potential customer and start an email marketing campaign with various offers and promotions that will bring huge traffic to your website.