Blog Strategy 101

Blogs have come a long way since the 90’s, when they were often online diaries or travelogues. Today’s blogs are closer to newspaper articles or magazine content. Word of mouth has always been one of the most reliable lead generators for businesses. That’s because people like to buy from those they trust.

content marketing is based on the same psychology. By providing actionable information on topics that interest you, the company becomes a “trusted advisor” and the customer feels more comfortable loosening those threads.

Another important factor in creating valuable content is improving search engine rankings. The more effective your content is on a topic, the more likely customers are to see your website when they Google a question about that product.

The platform makes perfect There are many types of blogs, each with its own uniqueness. They all have different purposes. Your strategy must consider what is most effective for your brand and desired outcome.

Fashion websites or interior design companies are very successful with visual platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. An effective cross-marketing strategy combines compelling visuals with compelling, value-added content.

If you’re promoting management or legal advice, it’s a good idea to engage your audience with content that answers questions or solves problems.

More and more companies are including video transcripts in their written content to promote search engine optimization. Adds personal access for consumers. Videos can help people connect with you and your brand.

Some companies, pressed for time, buy content marketing packages to make their job easier. There really is no right way.

What is that?
Know your target customers and what questions you should answer them. Excellent! Your content practically writes itself.

But wait, first you have to decide what it’s for!Would you like your readers to buy or subscribe to a newsletter, sign a petition, or repost a business advertisement on their social media? Knowing what the desired endpoint of your content marketing strategy is is key to success.

You have to know your goal if you want to achieve it, right?!

In fact, most blogging strategies have more than one goal.Your main goal may be to sell by becoming a trusted advisor. The second goal could be to improve search engine optimization, increase website traffic, or increase the number of email addresses in your contact list.