Can AI build the next AI?

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Can AI build the next AI?

Understanding the AI ​​development process

Artificial intelligence systems are primarily developed through a complex and iterative development process that involves human intervention. Developers train AI models using massive amounts of data and sophisticated algorithms. This process allows AI algorithms to learn patterns, predict tasks, and perform them with high accuracy.

Limits of self-learning artificial intelligence
AI algorithms have the ability to learn and evolve, they do not have the inherent ability to create new algorithms or structures. While they excel at tasks such as image recognition and natural language processing, their capabilities remain within the limits set by programmers. Artificial intelligence in its current form is based on knowledge and human intervention at early stages of development.

Programming supported by artificial intelligence is born

However, an emerging field known as artificial intelligence-assisted programming or automatic machine learning (AutoML) holds promise for AI systems to contribute to their own development. AutoML aims to automate some aspects of the AI ​​development process so that AI algorithms can help developers. This advancement allows AI to automate certain tasks such as feature engineering and model selection, but does not completely eliminate the need for human involvement.