Cheap price for using Koji

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Cheap price for using Koji

Although Koji offered a free template, the company charged a commission for every sale made. Taplink, on the other hand, works with a separate pricing structure.

Taplink offers users three different plans as an alternative to Koji: Basic (free)
Pro ($3/month)
Business ($6/month)
This wide range of plans offers users flexibility based on their individual needs and desired features, marking a departure from Koji’s commission-based approach. the best alternative to Koji

Consider the following criteria to determine the best plan for your needs: Choose the basic version if you want an aesthetic but simple link-in-bio page to place your links on.

Choose the Pro version if you want to create a modern landing page for your social media presence, with rich media content and smart links to various social media and messaging apps.

Choose “Business” if you identify as a professional and are looking for a solid website to monetize your content and sell your products.

It is worth noting that Taplink is extending the 7-day free trial period to give users the opportunity to explore the platform’s features. I recommend using this trial to evaluate whether Taplink meets your needs as a suitable alternative to with koji.

I came across a promotional discount code: ROBERT2024. He successfully applied to me on January 30th and gave me a 10% discount on the business plan. While I can’t guarantee that it will continue to be effective in the future, it’s definitely worth a try!