Choose an SSD if you want fast boot times
SSD stands for Solid State Drive. It offers a better and more reliable way to store data than a typical hard drive. Most modern laptops are equipped with an SSD, which offers many advantages.

First of all, an SSD is extremely fast. You will enjoy faster data transfer and faster operating system loading.

Games run smoother when installed on an SSD drive, just like other programs and apps. The downside is that an SSD costs more.

If you don’t plan on installing big games on your laptop, you can try a 128GB or 256GB SSD configuration. A smoother and faster computing experience without spending too much money.

On the other hand, if you want to store large files on your laptop, go for the SSD + HDD combo.

Install OS on SSD for faster loading times. Leave the hard drive for large games, movies and music collections.

I3 is good for basic needs, i5 and above for advanced users
Let’s talk about one of the most important components of a laptop: the processor or central processing unit. It is the brain that makes the computer work and makes all other components work. If you have a high-performance processor, your laptop will likely last for many years.

Most laptops are equipped with Intel processors because they are the most advanced. You can also opt for AMD’s Ryzen processors. If you use your laptop occasionally and don’t need a lot of processing power, an Intel i3 processor should be right up your alley.

This configuration is usually powerful enough for light multitasking, web browsing, and full-power playback HD Videos. However, if you want to play the latest games or watch large video files, you need at least an i5 processor.

Please note that an i5 or i7 processor is for demanding users. If you want to create music on a laptop, edit large photos, or play the latest games, these are the processors to look out for. Also, be prepared to take more money out of your pocket.

It is better to choose a processor with at least 2 cores. Some have 4 or even 8 cores, which is good in terms of performance.

More cores means your PC can handle more work and multitasking with ease.