Community Member Training
A common threat used by hackers is to forge employee email addresses and send emails to community members. These emails usually ask for money.

Instead of going to church, the money goes straight to the hacker’s bank account. You need to raise funds and notify community members of your fundraisers.

You should also have a system in place that allows your parishioners to donate online. This system acts as a one-stop shop for online donations.

It helps your parishioners spot anything unusual about your system.

You should also educate your parishioners about your system. For example, you should not personally request money via email.

If a parishioner receives such an email, they will know immediately that it is a scam.

3.Staff Training
Email is a method that hackers use to gain access to preserve church systems. A one-click link can escalate into a ransomware attack or a data breach.

You should inform your employees not to click on a link in email, even if it looks legitimate.

Employees and volunteers should know what common cybersecurity risks are and how to identify them.

They should act as if all email is a threat. If you are unsure about a particular email, you should delete it.