Competitive Analysis

On average, search results account for 51% of website traffic. One of the goals of content marketing is to improve your search engine rankings to get more organic traffic through SEO.
92% of traffic ends up on the first page of results, so you need to be there. Evaluate who appears on the first page of your local market to find key phrases people would use to find your website.

Take a good look at their pages. What content do they create? What do they focus their social media activities on? What is your domain authority? How many links do you have from other sites? You can invest in tools to help you better understand what your competitors are doing to earn title spots.

Generate shareable content themes An effective strategy requires two basic types of content themes: timeless and trending. They have different purposes and work together to help you achieve your goals.

Evergreen Themes Some of your themes should be evergreen. These should be timeless themes that people are always looking for. These could be answers to commonly asked questions about healthcare in your niche, or other tips and tricks that your target audience will find useful.

You can spread ideas by listening to your industry. Be active on social media to keep up to date with the industry.

Talk to sales and patient care teams. Discover the most frequently asked questions and doubts. Channel them into evergreen content.You can actually lower the cost of patient care by making these resources available online.

Mayo Clinic is an example of a medical company that creates great and timeless content. They relate to all aspects of health and are one of the best resources people turn to when they have a health question.

Popular Topics Some content should be about popular topics, e.g. B. Relevant news. Whenever you can find a way to incorporate a popular topic into your health content marketing niche, do it.