Complete advice on creating and optimizing press releases

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Complete advice on creating and optimizing press releases

Make your press release practical:
Do you emphasize real facts about your company/organization because readers are already educated enough to know “what is true and what is not”?

Create your own story with real facts:
Avoid false examples and additions. If you think your content has a lot of extras, make it natural and real. Your press release should be active, not passive. Active verbs make your press release relevant. Use only sufficient and necessary words:
Avoid using unnecessary adjectives, fancy expressions, or unnecessary expressions such as “The Most Powerful.” Tell your story in shorter words, as wordiness distracts from the content.

Avoid using the terminology:
However, limited use of the terminology might be permitted if the goal is to optimize press releases for Internet search engines. The best technique for distributing a press release is to express yourself clearly and in simple language.

Avoid too many exclamation marks:
Too frequent use of the exclamation mark (!) can harm your press release. However, if you must use an exclamation point, use only one.

Obtain permission from the company:
companies attach great importance to their recognition and credibility. Therefore, please obtain written consent before publishing any information or quotes about the Company.
About the company
The press release should contain a short company description that introduces your company, your products, services and a short company history. Choose a specific RP distribution network:
The decision about the network for disseminating information in the press is also important. There are hundreds of free press release distribution networks, so choosing between paid and free services is extremely important.

RSS Feed Tips:
Help journalists by providing them with RSS feeds that direct them to your website. This means that interested parties know that you have the right publications on the topic they are looking for.

numbers that are frequently sent:
Try to publish press releases regularly to be recognized as a news source for news outlets such as Yahoo News and Google News.