Consider your customers’ needs and wants

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Consider your customers’ needs and wants

Before you start making your website the way you want it, think about what your customers want and need.

Make your copy your primary customer – Go back to your website and read your copy. is there anything like that? “Welcome to my website. My company does this, that and more. I am the best company of my kind on the Internet. My website has been online since 1999. Shop with me. “Then you have work to do.

Focus on your customers. What are their wants/needs? Instead of text that says “I, me, we, we, we, me, me, me,” you want copy that recognizes visitors, engages with them, explains their needs and answers their questions.

Turn your website into an invitation, not a rejection – Do you have a Flash front page? If you look at your statistics, I bet you’ll see more people skipping your website’s flash promotion than people looking at it.

Flash is very popular among web designers, but it is not that annoying for web visitors. Don’t force flash on your customers.

Check Your Traffic – Can your visitors easily find their way around your site? How can you know? The best way to find out is to ask a few people who haven’t seen your website and look around before visiting. Ask them to watch for 10 or 15 minutes. Then ask them about their experiences.

Paying close attention to your customers and their needs is one of the best things you can do to improve your online business. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. When you make your website more attractive to your visitors, they become less likely to come back.