Construction Company flash is a font description

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Construction Company flash is a font description

Our client wanted to use Flash content to display multiple architectural images with a smooth transition between images and used the original CSS font, the Tahoma 11pt font, and replaced it with the Century Gothic 11pt font used in all of their logos and images.

As many people know, placing Flash files on your website causes an undefined W3C validation error, which causes the website to generate invalid Markup. After explaining this, the client felt that he needed a good flash image style that far outweighed the importance of standard HTML transitions. For them, the look and feel of their website was more important than W3C compliance to their customers.

They also wanted to use the Century Gothic font instead of Tahoma. In terms of design, Century Gothic has a larger font length than Tahoma and when used increases the page length relative to Tahoma, causing the site to display sidebars that were previously displayed on the entire page when viewed below 1024 x 768. They were found.

In the end the customer got what he wanted and eventually became a ‘regular’ customer.