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Corner Community Support

Since React has been one of the most famous wishes for many years, it has a remarkable working guide on the web and most of your problems can be solved smoothly through Overflow.

Since the release of Google in 2010, Google has preserved it and continuously helped it. Google also releases daily changes every month. According to Medium’s documentation, this Angular framework is used by some of the most famous agencies, including Microsoft, Autodesk, Apple, Adobe, Freelance, Upwork, Telegram, and more.

React Community Support

Facebook ported the React framework in 2013 as it became a JavaScript library that can give you some of the framework’s features.Most notable companies like Instagram, Webflix, Facebook, WhatsApp, New York Times, Yahoo, Microsoft, Airbnb, Dropbox and many more use the React framework.

Vue Community Support

Vue is new and not always supported by big teams like Angular and React, but it is used by big groups like EuroNews, Alibaba, Wizz Air, Xiaomi, Gitlab, Grammarly and more.

Frame Size

In this article, we can provide you with the dimensions that the frame utility. To a certain length, Vue and React are both considered lightweight applications. Vue is the lightest of them all and Angular is the heaviest.

Angular (about 500 KB long) * React (about a hundred KB long) * Vue (approximately 80 KB in size)
Angular Framework Size

The Angular platform is pretty much capable. It can help builders build models to test equipment. Therefore, if you are planning to create a large-scale and feature-rich utility and plan to build it, then Angular is the right choice for you as it is smaller and very small.

React Framework Size

However, React is not always a framework similar to Angular and will not offer clients as many types of libraries as Angular.

Therefore, React is a suitable framework for web development applications that really want to evolve to include proprietary operating systems.