Creating a good website with search engine results

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Creating a good website with search engine results

Building the Best Websites with
Search Engine Results Some of the most popular websites out there now offer web links in their ads. Direct links to your company’s homepage.
These links not only provide a simple one-click process for many customers to reach your website. They will also increase your search engine rankings.

Ad sites have many more advantages for entrepreneurs.

Unparalleled visibility. Websites are like online products. You can’t just find buyers coming to buy your products. You’re “wasting” the attention of customers who come to something else, but then start browsing through all the other ads in the “mall.”
New weapons site. Having an online listing is like setting up a new website on the internet. Unlike your original website, classifieds come with lower IT, security and marketing costs.

Unique growth opportunities. Companies and individuals selling online generate more than $1.95 billion in revenue annually, according to statistics firm Kelsey Group. These figures do not include eBay revenue.
Free cash. As valuable as an ad site is, most of the top sites charge little or nothing to create your ad.
When you put all these numbers together (250 million active internet users worldwide, $1.95 billion in category revenue, and $0 in costs) you can be sure that your web business will come out on top.