Cross-promoting content

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Cross-promoting content

Cross-promotion is the posting of similar content on different social media channels. This is a tactic to save time and resources. It is also effective for increasing brand awareness and growing your Instagram following.

Mobile users are increasingly spending time on video and entertainment apps, with video content on social media platforms seeing the fastest growth. Whether it’s a short video or a long tutorial, you want to increase the reach of your content on Instagram.

Justin Bieber’s Christmas Dance Challenge is a prime example of successful crossposting. During the 2020 holiday season, the Canadian singer posted the same dance challenge on TikTok and Instagram. On TikTok, his short video received 9.8 million likes. The same content on Instagram received 4.8 million likes. He managed to reach more people by posting the same video on two different platforms.

August brand founder Nadya Okamoto discovered that TikTok naturally connects to Instagram and YouTube. He says in an interview with Modern Retail, “Even though we’ve grown on TikTok since August, we’ve also grown to 175,000 Instagram followers.” Actively posting on multiple platforms “affected our overall cost of acquisition to be super efficient,” which allowed the brand to move away from paid media as its primary acquisition channel.

TikTok isn’t the only channel you can post to. The Instagram Reels format translates well into YouTube Shorts and Pinterest Stories. It should be noted that the Instagram algorithm does not promote reels with a TikTok watermark. So, if you want to download content from Instagram to other channels, make sure the content is of high quality and doesn’t watermark promoting a competing platform.
Most of your followers will not follow you because of what you have posted in the past, but because of the promise of what you will post in the future.Your audience wants to know what they get when they click the follow button.

Having a channel with a consistent topic and posting schedule can have the same effect on your subscriber growth as most of the other growth strategies we discussed above. Even a simple template can attract new followers as long as it’s communicated at a glance to everyone who comes across your profile.