Decide on the “color” of the item

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Decide on the “color” of the item

The next step in determining the “color” of your item. By “color” I mean the style you want to give your garment. For example, your article can be formal, informal, funny, serious, casual, general, personal – you get the point.

Now that we’ve discussed the steps required to create an article, let’s put them in the correct order and fill in the gaps.

#1) Decide what the main topic of your article will be.#2) If necessary, define sub-points of the main topic.

#3) Determine what you want readers to take away from your article.

#4) Choose the “color” of your item: the style you want to use.

#5) Create an outline of your article.

#6) Edit your article.(Ask someone to read your article and make suggestions)

#7) Check your grammar and spelling.

#8) Create a title for your article. (keep it simple and catchy)

#9) Create a “teaser” for your article. (“Teaser” is a short description of the content of the article, consisting of 2 or 3 sentences)

#10) Create a “biography”. (“Biography” is a short description of yourself and your qualifications, consisting of 2 or 3 sentences. Make sure you include a link to your website in your “bio.”

#11) List 4 or 5 keywords that relate to your article. (Some product retailers require this)

#12) Send your item to item dealers. (That’s a topic for another article)

The hardest part of writing articles is writing and submitting the first one. The more articles you write, the easier and more fun it becomes.

So go ahead: start writing and submitting articles and watch your website traffic skyrocket!