Deep Cleaning Air Rifle Scope

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Deep Cleaning Air Rifle Scope

Step three: Deep Clean Use an anti-fog agent on dried water stains or pollen. Put a few drops of cleaner on a cloth and wipe the lens from the inside out.

Then use a clean, dry cloth to wipe away excess liquid.

Repeat if necessary.

Remember, be gentle and don’t push too hard.Save energy for training.

Make sure the cleaner is not a quick drying mix so it doesn’t dry out when cleaning the scope. Do not use glass cleaners as they contain chemicals that can damage the lens.

Before you finish cleaning, check the lens for dirt.

If dirt, streaks, or particles still remain, try again until satisfied.It may take a little longer than expected, but the accuracy is worth it.

More Tips
Never use a damp cloth, paper towel or t-shirt to clean the scope. And don’t clean it with a new toothbrush. Or used, for that matter.

While it may seem harmless, using the wrong materials and products to clean your glasses may not be enough to keep them optimally clean.

In the worst case, it can leave scratches that affect the recording quality. It’s like rubbing a lens with dirty sandpaper. Depending on the degree of damage, the bezel may need to be replaced.

Do not remove dirt with your fingers. This can cause dirt to stick to the surface and scratch the lens.

Keep the cleaning kit in a safe place
When not cleaning the scope, keep the cleaning kit in a clean and safe place. You don’t want your cloth to collect dust that falls on the frame.

If the microfiber cloth gets dirty, check if it can be machine washed and dried. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. This will keep the airgun in good condition and working as long as possible.

So you don’t have to spend money to buy another lens if your first one gets scratched or damaged by poor cleaning habits.