Design, brand image.

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Specialization: design, brand image.

The agency deals with the design and branding of goods and services in the cultural and social sphere. The Stupid Studio team is dedicated to finding new ways to measure success that could save the future and make the world a little warmer and friendlier. The main idea is to inspire the business world to pay equal attention to social and corporate issues.

Rezo Zero

Location: Lyon, France.

Specialization: design, development.

A team of developers from the French city of Lyon believe in excellent design that leads to success. The balance between creative ideas and technical efficiency is how the company’s specialists characterize their work.

Founded in Paris in 2005, the company is an independent graphic and web designer.

The agency’s designers are inspired by modern artwork and 90’s architecture.


Location: Redzato, Italy.

Specialization: Mobile and Web Application Creation, Web Design.

The studio’s specialists in a small Italian town are passionate about creating high-quality websites and mobile apps that help clients achieve their goals and can compete with big companies in New York and Paris.

Beautiful and inspiring designs with a classic Italian understanding of beauty resonated with the Awwwards audience. Although the studio cannot boast of having big clients, it managed to be nominated for the Basilico Studio title even without collaborating with well-known brands in its portfolio.That already speaks volumes about the talent of the specialist and the potential to soon become the studio of the year.


Headquarters: Paris, France; San Diego, United States.

Specialization: Digital, Web Design, Branding.

The company’s goal is; Satisfy customers Aims to create a brand they can be proud of, their trademark. And also anticipate expectations: it is possible to use the latest technologies and the experience of professional experts.

The company has offices in San Diego (USA) and Paris (France). And the team itself is very international – specialists from the USA, France, Germany and Norway. And this team, regardless of country of origin, has a common goal: to help clients achieve their goals and set new ones.