Different Types of Refugees

Did you know that 24 people are displaced every minute? The issue of global immigration has always been tense. Throughout history, people have left their homes in search of something better. The number of refugees has risen sharply in recent years.

Since there are many more refugees today, there are also many different types of refugees and their reasons for fleeing are different. Read on to learn about the different types of refugees and their challenges.

Although the term refugee is a generic term for people who have fled, it is necessary to define different types of refugees.

Refugee The 1951 United Nations Convention on Refugees defines a refugee as a person fleeing their country out of fear of persecution because of their national origin, race, religion or political affiliation.

Asylum Seekers An asylum seeker is another type of refugee who has not been officially recognized as a refugee by the country to which he fled.

This asylum process is long and difficult and many asylum seekers struggle, sometimes finding themselves without a place to sleep or in poor conditions in refugee camps.

IDPs IDPs are people who have been displaced from their homes but remain in their country of origin.

These conditions negatively affect the person who struggles to meet basic needs such as food or shelter.

Stateless These are people forced to live without citizenship. This means that they do not belong to any country and therefore live without identity papers.

This type of discrimination deprives people of their rights such as health care and education and many others.These are former refugees who have returned to their country of origin.

returnees may need counseling and support to return to their country of origin and resume their lives.

In addition to the different types of refugees, there are many different reasons why refugees flee.