Discover some intuitive tips on using WordPress for better results

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Discover some intuitive tips on using WordPress for better results

WordPress is a blog hosting service provider. Every website should use WordPress. Nowadays, WordPress is not only a famous blogging platform but also a flexible content management system “CMS”. You can take full advantage of WordPress to build your website and mobile apps. The popularity of WordPress is increasing every year.

There are important tips to use WordPress effectively:-

• Know the dimensions

In WordPress, you need to set the size and dimension of your content. This helps you create graphics or upload images based on size (in pixels). You must first define the content so that you can manage other creations related to the content.

• Create Quality Content –

The content of your website must be accurate, simple and easy to understand.• Shortcodes-
is a code that helps you add images, videos and other content using a simple programming language. There are two types of shortcodes: one is the preset code, the design of which can match your theme. The second is Shortcode Ultimate, which usually doesn’t fit your theme.

• Good graphics

Content and graphics play an equal role on every website. Good website graphics attract the main target audience. The logo, header image, footer image, and sidebar images are the most important elements of a website. The graphics must match the content. Content design graphics are available in WordPress.