Diversify your internet marketing strategy

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Diversify your internet marketing strategy

For those of us who think ahead to prepare for this change, the next six to eighteen months should be very rewarding. For everyone else (especially those who rely solely on Google traffic), it will be a bit like driving a Mini Cooper off the edge of a cliff. So what can you do to prepare?

Diversify your Internet marketing strategy. Search engine optimization (www.wildfiremarketinggroup.com/search-engine-optimization.php) should only be part of your internet marketing. To start, you might consider advertising on other relevant websites, using pay-per-click campaigns, and publishing articles on other websites.

Plan to introduce new technologies. Blogging is a perennial favorite and RSS is becoming increasingly popular. Stay on top of new and innovative ways to use technology to multiply the effectiveness of your search engine optimization campaigns. You can get a general overview of the technologies you should pay attention to by staying abreast of advances in operating systems, browsers, and related software and hardware.

Avoid spammy techniques to improve your rankings, such as: B. hidden text, keyword stuffing or link spamming. Most of these dubious techniques don’t work, and the ones that do work don’t work well – you risk having your website blocked. Update your website regularly. A constantly evolving website is perceived as more valuable by search engines, and the added benefit is that by generating useful content, other website owners have a reason to link to your website.