Don’t Forget the Comments Section

So far in this article, we’ve covered blogging techniques to help you learn how to build an audience. However, if you want to continue generating traffic and have loyal readers, you also need to focus on engagement.

This is where the comments section comes in. By this we mean both your blog’s comments section and how to use the comments sections of popular industry blogs to your advantage.

Always start by replying to the comments people leave on your blog. This will make your readers feel like you don’t just post and walk away and make them feel like they know you as a person.

This promotes a sense of transparency, which is particularly important in the millennial market. Also, when reading industry blogs, always include a link to your blog in your comment caption. If people are already reading a blog related in some way to your industry, chances are they’ll want to read yours too.

This will help you grow your traffic organically. If you want to increase traffic, make sure you include internal and external links on your blog.

This means that you should include links to previous content in your posts. You should also link to other relevant websites. This means that soon the sites you love to read will also be linking to your blog.

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guest blogging can expand your audience and increase traffic. This can take some time, so sometimes it’s best to hire a guest courier to do the hard work.