Easy navigation on your website

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Easy navigation on your website

Menus and links are links that visitors use to move from page to page on the website. Always design your website based on the way people come to the page. Your website visitor should be able to get what they want in three mouse clicks.

Multiple navigation points for easy access. Repeat the menu above and below. Also move left or right.

Use links in your text that lead to other parts of your website. You can create links that are good for search engine optimization (SEO). There are generally two ways to create links in your text:

Wrong way: “Click here for search engine optimization.”
Best Ways: “Using good search engine optimization techniques is crucial.”

The use of anchor text (anchor text) determines which link is the best route. Search engine crawlers (programs that automatically index web content) visit your site and “read” the links. The spider can display descriptive links in content or keywords. When you read “click here” the spider does nothing until you reach the linked page.

This is Cross Connection; When writing your content, use it when it makes as much sense as possible.