Elon Musk’s chilling statement about aliens

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Elon Musk’s chilling statement about aliens
As Elon Musk took the spotlight on social media, he gave his opinion on extraterrestrials and their possible existence in the universe. Most of the time, this tech genius is a prankster, but when he’s serious, it all becomes real. In this regard, he made serious comments and discoveries about extraterrestrials. Let yourself be surprised. Elon Musk just realized that the existence of extraterrestrials is a big question for science and philosophy. His major point of view was: “I am convinced that there are intelligent life forms. And we’re probably not alone.” The mere thought that we’re probably not alone in this world is as comforting as it is terrifying. According to the richest man in the world, the universe has a vast space that makes it impossible to be alone. He further stated his opinion that if we were alone in the universe it wouldn’t last at all. He further stated that he had ample evidence to support his case. However, the tech mogul was very cautious, saying his evidence was circumstantial rather than tangible.

After analysing one of your previous statements, one of your statements about the existence of extraterrestrials caught my attention! The richest man in the world believes there are traces of life on some planets. By life sign he meant a form or element that supports life, such as water, favourable climate, methane, and oxygen, and certain planets may well support life. For example, planets like Jupiter and Mars have shown signs of life. Elon Musk in particular would like to colonize Mars soon in order to enable life on several planets. Therefore, his goals would be unattainable if Mars did not support life. When he finally achieves his goal, he may be closer to meeting new life on the planet.

Alien Jokes from the Past
In the past, Elon Musk tended to treat aliens as a joke. If you follow him on twitter you will find that he is a man full of sarcasm. He took to Twitter to brag about being an alien and left a trail of comments on social media. Some even thought Elon Musk was an alien disguised as a human. To a certain extent you can think like that. Just look at the many hits this man is taking home. He runs five large companies over 120 hours a week and has plenty more to do that would likely require the skill and dedication of an alien. Is that why he’s on a mission to Mars? It’s too early to tell. Luckily, Elon Musk turned out to be a perfect human. Even if he were an alien that would be a good idea because he’s friendly.

Elon Musk’s solution to an alien invasion
stupid musky alien jokes, where are the aliens? Should we be worried? SpaceX CEO thinks we should do it. Think that aliens are already among us and that in a certain time they may decide to act. He claims that alien technology is so advanced that we wouldn’t realize they were watching us. Unfortunately, Musk doesn’t know how these strange creatures socialize. I just hope they’re friendly, but there’s a dark side to this alien invasion as well. Elon Musk, along with other UFO commentators behind this image, believe that an alien invasion would be the worst thing that could happen to a human. Elon Musk explained it by saying it would be far worse if aliens were more advanced than technology and humans. He continued that they would not recognize us as equals and might consider eliminating or enslaving us.

‘s solution to this problem is to set up an open military base on the moon, and with an open military base on the moon we would be notified when aliens are thousands of light years away before they reach earth. His second Plan B, which he seems to be pursuing at the moment, is to colonize Mars. The last few years seem to be bold indications of the presence of extraterrestrials in space.