Email Marketing Campaigns

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Email Marketing Campaigns

When you implement all your promotional activities using email or ezine campaigns, you will see a better return on investment than using RSS, Blog or PPC. Measured results are much faster than RSS and Blog and more expensive than using Paid Click Advertising. Without a doubt, email marketing and newsletter marketing are still two of the best tools available to promote your product or service.

Email Marketing
There are still too many people who are reluctant to use one of the best marketing tools available today. Many marketers associate email marketing with spam and worry about being blocked by an ISP or hosting company. The truth is, if you do it right and according to specific instructions, you have little to fear. Follow the instructions below; If you haven’t used this tool before, you can probably fool yourself.

. But if you’re a legitimate business, you need to do a few things to make your email marketing efforts legal.
(a) The course of events: must not be distorted in any way. It should be consistent with the content of the message and it is good practice for the first paragraph to be related to the subject line.
(b) Special opt-out instructions: You must include a way for readers to opt out of being provided with an active link.
(c) Physical Address: If you work out of the office, this is the address that should appear after your signature. If you work out of your home, your address should appear after you sign.
(d) From address: The message must be from “to”.

2) USE ONLY DIRECT EMAIL TO PARTICIPATE: This is very important. Only use Activation email addresses for your marketing efforts. There are many legitimate email providers, so you have many options. Even using 100% opt-in email marketing doesn’t guarantee that many people won’t complain. However, if you purchase addresses that include the full name, IP address and date stamp, you will have proof of registration if needed.