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Email Search Software

Now that you have completed your contact search, your list should look like the one below, with two additional columns on the right for email and phone. Organize your table by ordering first name, last name and company website because it works best with most email tracking software.

The next step is to load the first name, last name and company website into one of the many online email search engines. Find Email is great because there are lots of search options and Voila Norbert has a Chrome extension for finding a contact’s email. There are at least a dozen other email trackers online, and some are more useful than others.

As long as you make the correct request from the operator, you can usually successfully call the business number listed on their website. See below for a copy of the letter number.

Now that you have a first name, last name, email address, and business phone number, it’s time to create your email template and contact letter.

Email Templates
When you create an email template, you create three variations for someone to call you: (a) speaking to you directly (b) leaving a voice, and (c) leaving it alone. They are all very similar with minor modifications for your situation. An example of an email template where the prospect did not respond, so I’m leaving a voice.

Instead of sending a new email, I like to click “Reply” to my previous messages to make it easier to continue the conversation.

Phone Script Outline
I always recommend outlining your bullet points, but don’t worry about painting outside the lines.

When you search, text and phone calls, I don’t hesitate to ask for an appointment right away. However, I am always ready to teach, listen, and ask questions afterwards.


“Shai, thank you for calling me. I’m Brian from à la carte ad and I sent you an email yesterday. I know this will affect your day, so I’ll be quick. Next 15 minutes to discuss how we can save on Virgin Atlantic PPC fees?