Examples of multimedia packages

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Examples of multimedia packages
Now it’s time to create a media kit for your website. In order to achieve this goal perfectly, it is worth knowing well-known and successful cases.


This digital media resource presents its media kit with detailed statistics so advertisers can see their opportunities and benefits. The Mashable team also notes that there are tailored solutions for customers and that they are open to dialogue.

Entrepreneurs team describes the target group, statistics, reviews and all possible advertising options. Your promotional website is also available as a PDF media kit. This is convenient because someone can also view them offline.

Inc communication
Advertising site
Inc.com covers everything an advertiser would want to know about print and digital options, event attendance and even customized solutions.

It is important to remember that the ad page or media kit should provide potential advertisers with all the information they need to make their decisions. Show them the audience you can reach (e.g. whether men or women, young people or adults, European or American citizens would prefer to read your website, etc.), your daily and monthly statistics, detailed pricing and other ways from which you will benefit cooperation.

What do all of these examples have in common?
They are simple. The user can easily figure out how to navigate these media sets and find what they are looking for.
Complete information. The customer has everything to make a decision. Otherwise there are always professional contacts.
A variety of different options. Every advertiser will find something suitable for their needs here.
New information. All of these media kits are from 2018. It’s important to keep them up to date: no one will order advertising from you if they see the date 2015 when they look at your media kit in 2018.