EXPLAIN RSS for blog optimization

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EXPLAIN RSS for blog optimization

Most Internet users still don’t know what RSS is and how to use it. The RSS buttons on your blog therefore have no meaning for you.

To resolve this issue, create a dedicated RSS overview page and link to it next to the RSS Subscribe button. On this page he explains:

What is RSS? How visitors benefit from using RSS
Where to find a free RSS aggregator (recommend it yourself!)
How to install it (Provide step-by-step instructions)
How to subscribe to your RSS feeds Why you should subscribe to your RSS feeds
Then link all your RSS feeds on the same page.

If you update your blog regularly, the newest and most popular content will constantly be pushed to the bottom, where most of your blog readers never bother to look.
Overcome this common blogging problem by creating a list of your most important posts that is clearly visible and accessible on every page. Depending on the topic you’re covering, you can place these titles as high up on your blog as possible to quickly entice new users to read the best of what you have to offer, and then use that content to increase their attention . Direction. with loyal readers and subscribers.

The title of your website or blog tells visitors what to expect when they read your blog and answers their key question: “What’s in it for me?”

Make sure your blog titles contain this reason and a compelling story that captivates readers.

MDA is the most desired action you want visitors to take on your website, from subscribing to your ezine to requesting more information about your services to ordering/receiving more information about your product.

Your blog will be of great help to you, but only if you actually guide your visitors in this action. It’s simply not enough to include this information in the menu. Experiment with placing a copy of your MDA directly under each blog post (on your blog post’s permanent archive pages) and prominently in the left or right column.

If you offer multiple services or products, promote each one along with relevant posts based on the post’s topic.

And yes, it’s more important than having dozens of Google AdSense ads on your blog…if you want to use your blog as part of your marketing mix.