Find Out What Is Fashion Marketing

The fashion industry is huge, generating $1 trillion in gross sales annually. Yes, that’s trillions with a t. So what is fashion marketing? It’s the reach you need to differentiate your product from the competition and thrive in the world’s most cutthroat retail industry.

Here are some tips to get you started and stay ahead of the competition. Having a great product and knowing your niche It all starts here, right? Many people sell lingerie. So if you’re selling lingerie, you’d better have something that stands out from the competition.

The best materials. Great story. Incredible fit. Whatever your product, you need to understand exactly what you’re selling and how it compares to your competitors. So do your research before developing your marketing plans.

It doesn’t matter if you ask people to click here to buy grillz or sell winter parkas. Successful fashion marketing starts with product knowledge and market research.

This is the first job for your new marketing team (even if it’s just you!). Social Media is Your Friend If you’re looking for great examples of what fashion marketing is all about, look no further than social media.

on Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Snapchat too.The fashion industry is at the forefront of almost every industry when it comes to experimenting with social media.

Finally, social media is becoming more and more visual and fashion is nothing but an industry where image is paramount. Research has shown that one in three consumers has purchased an item of clothing after seeing it on Instagram.

If you hate social media, sorry: it’s very important that you either learn to love it or hire someone who hates it. Find Great Influencers In Your Niche Speaking of people who throw social media into the water like the proverbial fish, influencer marketing has become a huge part of fashion marketing in 2017.

What is that? Simply put, influencer marketing is when a company or brand makes a deal with someone who has a huge, established social media presence in their target niche to promote a product.

This is basically a celebrity endorsement for the 21st century. How important is it? More than six in ten fashion companies included influencers in their marketing strategy in 2016, and 21% plan to include them in 2017.