Follow-up on your affiliate sales

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Track your sales
You can set up an autoresponder to send a newsletter/magazine every few days to provide useful information to your subscribers. Of course, whenever possible, at the right time, you can link your link to a specific product.

Give ancient rewards: When you sell your
affiliate products, you can always add bonuses or gifts, reports, e-books, whatever suits your needs. Those who shop from you in this short time will receive the bonus you give, isn’t it a nice compliment?
Pre-sales/after-sales: You may have seen this everywhere, but there are a lot of lazy companies that don’t do this! Once you sell a good product to your customers, it doesn’t mean you won’t bother them anymore, in fact, every customer is my source of gold. They can become not only your returning customers, but also your future business partners!

Don’t think this is too difficult, for many super Devotees it becomes their daily habit, it is as simple as breathing and they can do it whenever they want, wherever they are. Once you have a large list to choose from, your auto-response button becomes your money machine. If you need money, choose the best affiliate products by approving them on your email list and that’s it, benefit from all affiliate income tomorrow!

In addition to your own list of preferences, you can certainly benefit from the lists of others by purchasing individual advertisements in magazines or by investing together (affiliate). Custom ads are standalone, individual email ads you can purchase through ezine and typically allow around 300-600 words for your ad copy.

Joint Ventures Although it may seem inconvenient because as an affiliate marketer you don’t have to advertise your products, you can actually trade ads with other internet marketers, allowing each to advertise for themselves. your personal subscribers. If there is a big difference between the number of opt-ins, simply approve the same ad for the other website several times until both are equal.

If you have time, put more effort into creating a site and building your list that will support other affiliate programs. It’s that simple: an idea repeated over and over and growing every day. A successful organization is more efficient and smarter when it is divided into the most active departments.