Fullstack JS is a great value

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Fullstack JS is a great value

With a growing customer base of hundreds of thousands of giants like Netflix, Walmart, Uber, Paypal and others who love to use Node.js as a possible solution for scalability.

There are tons of features these days like group modules. It allows balancing of several CPU cores, which can provide better results on smaller models without affecting the RAM program. Additionally, Node.js uses a non-blocking protocol that provides tremendous scalability and allows the server to run applications smoothly.

From a development perspective, Node.js allows you to leverage microservices and also helps you break down your utilities into smaller chunks. This way, you can define the right roles and assign them to specific groups to quickly develop, deploy and replace all departments of your utility. Node.js and microservices allow modern programs to scale and scale as needed, helping businesses become more efficient overall with limited resources.

Walmart, for example, saw the benefit of transforming its legacy infrastructure using a combination of microservices architecture and Node.js. The seller saw an immediate 20% increase in conversions and a 98% increase in mobile conversions. Moreover, they not only save 40% in energy consumption, but also reduce costs by up to 20-50%.

As Node.js gives developers the ability to write server-side code using Javascript, we can write both front-end and back-end code. This is considered one of the best advantages of node.js because it overcomes the problems of recruiting teams, saving a lot of time, money and electricity for risk.

After migrating from Ruby on Rails to Node.js, LinkedIn developers are fully supported with the blessing of node.js. They went from 30 servers to 3 servers. They also decided that licensing support and use is green, as they can now transfer their knowledge from problem solving to application development.

Community Support to Simplify Development

With thousands of developers joining the Node.js network, you can count on a wealth of help from development experts around the world to solve your weirdest development problems.