Getting scammed on the internet

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Getting scammed on the internet
people who have been scammed cannot understand how the scammer got their information. How did the scammer know his email address? How their interests are represented.

Because if someone writes to you, they must know you somehow…. Normal?


scammers received your email from a long Gmail list that they paid for. They chose “keywords.”You have used one or more. Sending an email with one of these keywords is one way to trick you into thinking they are related to you.

“Dear Name, I heard that you are worried about autism. I can share a lot of information with you that might be helpful. Contact me.”

They wonder how they know about your connection to autism, assume they know you and can help, and reach out.

They didn’t know they paid Gmail to get a list of everyone who mentioned autism (along with other topics). You never thought that Gmail doesn’t offer privacy. And unless it is too late, you will be led to destruction.