Google’s new blog search engine is great marketing news for publishers

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Google’s new blog search engine is great marketing news for publishers

Google launched blog search in beta yesterday. This new search feature lets you search the web for blogs, podcasts, and RSS feeds. Simply enter your keywords and results from those sources will appear.

The results shown show no preference for blogs published on Blogger. We see results for all blogging platforms. In fact, Google Blog Search is not just about searching blogs. You are looking for any RSS feed, which can come from a blog, podcast, or another XML feed. The search tool seems quite responsive. Results appear in the blog’s RSS and podcast feed just hours after a new article is published. This is another way to increase your company’s online visibility.

organic results are sorted by relevance, but you also have the option to sort them by date. This is particularly useful if you want to find the latest article on a fast-moving topic and quickly find it in the blogosphere. Google has also tried to remove some of the “noise” and spam from the blogosphere. They search high-quality blogs and display them at the top of the page in so-called “Similar Blogs.” This is a prime place to publish your blog.

For example: Access the new Google Blog search engine (http://blogsearch.

Google does not currently support manually downloading data from your blog feed. I think this is smart because it helps avoid unethical people. If you write a blog or podcast correctly and follow best practices; Your channel will be found by Google. Google has found a way to somewhat exclude unethical SEOs and bloggers from the results. We can all celebrate it; because it means quality and relevant results for search engines.