Gucci Aria

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Gucci Aria

Gucci released the ‘Gucci Aria’ NFT to celebrate the house’s 100th anniversary. This is a four and a half minute video promoted by NFT Features to showcase the post-pandemic club experience (Li, 2021).

With this design, Gucci is the first luxury brand to announce itself in the NFT area (Brooks, 2021). However, there is another innovation. Gucci is partnering with Christie’s (the world’s largest art and luxury company), which has led to the launch of NFT in a whole new crypto art auction space (Brooks, 2021).According to Noah Davis, contemporary art expert at Christie’s, this is an important step forward that will offer many opportunities for the art of the future: democratizing access to information, reducing opacity in favor of transparency, and empowering artists around the world . Gotham, Brooks, 2021).

1.4. Fashion Gamification

The gamification process has broad implications and has been observed from many angles. The general meaning of gamification is explained by Deterding et al.:
“Using Game Design Elements in Non-Game Contexts (2011).”

However, some specialists describe gamification from the practical side in terms of benefits for the customer. For example:

“Adopting gaming technologies and design methodologies outside of the gaming industry to create better products and user experiences (Helgason, 2010).”

“The process of using thought and game mechanics to solve problems and involve users (Zichermann, 2011).”

“A marketing technique inspired by the modalities of classic video games.Its goal is to use things like rating and competition to drive user interaction with products (Reydar, 2020) » brands and fashion items.

The adoption of the game concept for the fashion industry, especially in the context of fashion shows, is not a new tool as luxury brands have been exploring it in different contexts for years (Alexander, 2020). According to Kloster, the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in customers wanting open and transparent communication from their favorite brands; As a result, consumers want to be involved in everything luxury groups and brands do, and games offer more engagement.