The number of users of Hive Social has surpassed one million! In an era when top social networks like Facebook dominate, this is a significant milestone for a social network., Instagram and Twitter.

Hive Social is the latest buzzy social media app to climb the ranks of Apple’s App Store, and even Twitter CEO Elon Musk took notice. Tumblr and Mastodon have seen a recent surge in growth.

One Twitter user wrote, “What the f— — is hive, weren’t we all hot on mastodon like two seconds ago?”

Hive Social surpassed one million users in May of this year, a significant milestone. Users can connect with one another on the social networking platform Hive Social and share their interests and experiences with one another. “We can create a world that is more tolerant and understanding by connecting people from all corners of the globe,” the team asserts.


A social media platform called Hive Social recently reached one million users. The platform is well-known for its commitment to free speech and its emphasis on security and privacy. In addition, Hive Social distinguishes itself from other social media platforms with a number of unique features, such as the capacity to buy and sell goods and services, join groups, and earn rewards for content creation.


Users can connect with friends and businesses on the social networking platform Hive Social. The platform connects people based on their interests, skills, and location using a novel algorithm.

Brothers Ali and Osama Hamdani established Hive Social in 2016. The headquarters of the business are in Toronto, Canada.

Hive Social is a safe platform that takes precautions to safeguard the data of its users. The stage is likewise straightforward about the manner in which it utilizes information, and clients have some control over who approaches their data.

Hive Social is a great place to connect with people from all over the world because its users come from all walks of life.

Hive Social gives users a variety of options for personalizing their experience. For instance, clients can decide to follow different clients, make gatherings, and join discussions.

You can also follow your favorite brands and influencers there.


A quick introduction to Hive Social can be found here:

1. Create a user account. You can do this by interfacing your current Facebook or Twitter account, or by making another record with your email address.

2. You will be prompted to select your interests once you have signed in. You can choose as many or as few as you want!

3. You are now prepared to begin exploring Hive. You can find communities that interest you by using the search bar at the top of the page, or you can look through the Popular section to see what’s popular on the platform.

4. Simply click the Join button when you locate a community you wish to join. You will be able to post content, participate in discussions, and do other things once you join a community.

5. That’s all! Go ahead and take advantage of everything that Hive Social has to offer now that you are familiar with the fundamentals of its use.

Although Hive Social has received praise for its robust features and user-friendly interface, some users have voiced concerns regarding the absence of privacy controls. However, the reviews are generally favorable, and Hive Social appears to be here to stay.