How do I get started with cloud engineering?

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How do I get started with cloud engineering?
There are two most popular platforms in cloud engineering: Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure. Both have different certifications that you can obtain to find a job as a cloud engineer for the respective cloud platform. So if you really want to get started, choose one of these cloud platforms and start studying for a basic entry-level certification.

I personally recommend choosing AWS as it is the largest and most used cloud platform today. A good place to start is by using AWS certification programs. AWS offers a variety of certifications ranging from entry-level cloud specialist certifications to more advanced certifications.

This will give you knowledge of all AWS services, but more importantly, the key concepts of cloud engineering in general. As I said before, learning one programming language actually makes learning another much easier because you’ve already learned many of the common core concepts.

If you decide to move to Azure at some point after learning AWS, you’ll find it easier to learn this way because you’ll already know the basics of cloud engineering. DevOps and cloud engineering often fall into the same category and are often confused.
Although there is some overlap, they are actually two different areas and I plan to create separate content for DevOps Engineering and Cloud Engineering and delve into each area, what they do together, their differences and overlaps.