How do I profile potential customers?

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How do I profile potential customers?

I would save their data and store it on my computer. This allowed me to check whether this customer was a new customer of our bank or an existing customer.

If it was a new customer and he came to open a checking account, I could assume that his savings, investments and loans were with another bank.

It’s time for you to start creating a profile. I would like to ask about other institutions you have worked with and compare the benefits and features of our products with those you have had.

I also knew that he had decided to open an account with me for a reason, perhaps he was simply not happy with his current bank.

Remember, I just told him about our products and services, I didn’t force it on him. However, I wrote down everything we talked about so we can talk about it later. I would also like to leave my customer a welcome pack consisting of a brochure about each of our products and some of my business cards.

The customer is at the door. You have some of their stuff. That’s okay for now. You don’t want to overwhelm them. Build relationships with them, gradually discover what their needs are through research, and when the time comes, discuss with them the product that you think is a perfect fit for their needs.

If I were faced with an existing customer, I would have the opportunity to see what they did and didn’t do, and I would review the benefits and features of our products, make notes and review them later.

Next time you have a customer in front of you, look for them. Find out what they will and won’t do to you. Once you understand this, offer to explain the benefits and features of the products you offer that you think would be useful to them. Write down the conversations you have with your customers and then reach out to them about the products you’re talking about.

Prospecting simply means finding out what the customer needs and what they don’t have. Once you’ve identified their needs, the rest is relatively easy. Good luck.